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Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin

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Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin

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Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin



Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin, embodying the essence of Portree on the Isle of Skye, is a London Dry style gin that intricately weaves the tale of its origin with every sip. Distilled with a unique blend of botanicals including juniper, homegrown coriander seeds, angelica root, blueberries, meadowsweet stalks, and the distinctive sea orache from Loch Portree’s shores, this gin stands at a proud 42% ABV. Its handcrafted nature ensures a gin that’s as unique as its namesake, offering a taste experience that’s deeply rooted in the landscape of Skye.

The palate is greeted with the classic juniper base, elevated by the zest of homegrown coriander and the earthy undertones of angelica root. The addition of blueberries and meadowsweet injects a delightful floral and subtly sweet character, while the sea orache introduces a refreshing maritime twist, making each sip a discovery of Skye’s natural bounty.

Perfect for classic gin cocktails, Misty Isle Cill Targhlain truly shines in a Martini or a G&T, where its complex flavors can be fully appreciated. Its versatility also extends to more creative concoctions, inviting mixologists to explore its depth in their creations.

Cocktail Pairings:

  • G&T / Highball Variations: 4/5. The gin’s botanicals bloom beautifully when paired with tonic, offering a refreshing and layered drink.
  • Martini Variations: 4.5/5. A martini showcases the gin’s complexity and balance, making for an exquisite cocktail experience.
  • Shaken Cocktails: 3.5/5. While the gin’s nuanced flavors are best enjoyed in stirred drinks, it still performs well in shaken cocktails, offering a robust foundation.
  • Negroni Variations: 4/5. The gin’s botanicals stand up to the strong flavors of a Negroni, providing a harmonious blend of bitterness and botanical freshness.

In summary, Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin is a testament to the beauty and richness of Skye, offering a gin experience that’s as memorable as the island itself. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a sophisticated cocktail, it delivers a taste of the misty isle in every glass.

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