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Kinrara Distillery Artist Edition 'Ginny'

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Kinrara Distillery Artist Edition 'Ginny'

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Kinrara Distillery Artist Edition 'Ginny'



Kinrara Distillery Artist Edition ‘Ginny’: A Review

Nestled in the vast expanse of Cairngorm National Park, Kinrara Distillery presents a unique blend of Scottish heritage and botanical artistry through its Artist Edition ‘Ginny’ Scottish Dry Gin. This edition is not merely a gin; it’s a narrative of Highland’s natural beauty, skillfully captured both in spirit and on its bottle by the talented Scottish artist Kat Baxter.

Introduction to ‘Ginny’

Drawing inspiration from the Highland Cow, a symbol of Scottish resilience and beauty, ‘Ginny’ embodies the essence of its homeland. The gin is meticulously crafted, infusing juniper with an array of locally sourced botanicals, presenting a flavor profile that is as intriguing as the landscape from which it hails.

Aroma and Palate

On the nose, ‘Ginny’ offers a welcoming bouquet of soft juniper, intertwined with the freshness of lemon drops and the sweetness of orange ice lollies, rounded off with a hint of rosehip syrup. This initial aromatic pleasure paves the way for a tasting journey that is both vibrant and nuanced.

The palate is greeted with a bright citrus burst, leading into deeper, earthier notes of pine forest and birch bark, while a gentle spice weaves through the tasting experience. This complexity is a testament to the careful selection of botanicals, ensuring each sip offers a layered exploration of flavors.


The finish of ‘Ginny’ is where the artistry of Kinrara Distillery truly shines. Warm and dry, it leaves a subtle aftertaste of rose petals, a delicate reminder of the Highland’s floral diversity. This finish not only completes the gin’s journey on the palate but also invites contemplation of its origin and creation.

Serving Suggestion

‘Ginny’ is best enjoyed with a generous serving of ice, a ratio of one-third gin to two-thirds premium tonic, garnished with a twist of orange peel. This serving recommendation honors the gin’s complexity, allowing its botanical richness to shine through while maintaining its refreshing character.

Artistic Collaboration

The collaboration with Kat Baxter elevates ‘Ginny’ from a mere spirit to a piece of art. The bottle, adorned with Baxter’s depiction of the Highland Cow, serves not just as a container but as a celebration of Scottish art and nature. It’s a collector’s item, appealing not only to gin aficionados but also to lovers of art and Scottish culture.


Kinrara Distillery’s Artist Edition ‘Ginny’ is a remarkable Scottish Dry Gin that captures the essence of the Highlands. Its intricate blend of juniper-led flavors, enriched with citrus and spice, offers a tasting experience that is both profound and pleasurable. Coupled with the artistic brilliance of Kat Baxter, ‘Ginny’ stands out as a testament to the distillery’s dedication to craftsmanship, heritage, and the natural beauty of Scotland.

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