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Gilbey's Gin

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Gilbey’s has been a crowd favorite since its namesake brothers first served it in the 1870s. By using a production method similar to whiskey, Gilbey’s created a deeper, more juniper and citrus-forward flavors than its contemporaries.

This distinguished character won admirers around the world. In fact, Gilbey’s became so renowned that in 1938 a U.S.-based distiller obtained a production license to make this classic London dry in the States.

The methods and 12 botanical ingredients – including comparatively uncommon calamansi – remain unchanged to this day, and just as respected as when it first emerged.

Piquant and piney and with a distinct citrus zip, Gibley’s always makes a good impression.


Pairs Well With:

While we do appreciate Gilbey’s over ice, we’re more inclined toward Gilbey’s in a cucumber gin and tonic. The simplicity allows Gilbey’s to lead while the cucumber provides a cooling temperance to the spirit’s juniper center. It’s as fitting for a summer picnic as it is at a jazz club.

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