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Death's Door Gin

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Death's Door

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Death's Door



You may be familiar with the “power of three” idea – the concept that trios are more impactful than duos. This theory is bolstered by Death’s Door Gin.

Based in Wisconsin and named for the strait that links Green Bay and Lake Michigan, this London style gin uses a trifecta of grains for its base – red winter wheat, corn, and barley – and a trifecta of botanicals: coriander, fennel, and, of course, juniper.

These simple ingredients are then smoothed by a vapor extraction process, rewarding us with a woodsy, tangy and refreshing spirit that offers tremendous flavor without any fuss.


Pairs Well With:

For warmer months, we sip Death’s Door either over ice or in a gin and tonic that’s light on tonic. And in the winter, we took Death’s Door’s advice and created a minty hot chocolate. It was definitely a departure for us, and one we’re glad we took.

Whichever way, you enjoy Death’s Door, it works nicely during low-key evenings with a trio of friends.

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