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Copeland Gin

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Ireland is so much more than Guinness and whiskey. Copeland Classic Irish Gin brings with it the history of Ireland, harmonizing its brilliantly sourced local botanicals while also pulling from a number of traditional flavors. 12 botanicals found in the gin include orange peel, pine needles, lemon peel, cebub berries, sea pink maritima and a number of flora sourced from local Irish islands. If you love your London Dry style of gin but want a variation of it, Copeland is what you should consider. It has the pine-juniper taste, but there is a warming spice with sweet undertones.

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Pull on your sweater and imagine yourself on an old wooden porch overlooking the sea as it crashes against rock. Now, enjoy your favorite oysters and fresh sea food. You don’t need anything warmer because the gin heating your throat and stomach is all you really need.

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