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Contemporary Gin
Burnett's Gin

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Burnett’s has been made from the same recipe since 1770. This longevity already reveals a lot about this gin: one, it’s a classic dry; and, two, it’s delicious enough to stand the test of time, and changing the test of changing tastes.

Though the flavor here is dominated by juniper and, to a lesser extent, citrus, Burnett’s is lighter and more herbal than many traditional dry gins. While it’s certainly a great buy for those who enjoy a customary gin experience, it’s adaptable enough that it can fit any cocktail combination without getting lost in the mixer.


Pairs Well With:

This model gin deserves to star in a gin and tonic. But, that said, the price point and quality go well with a party, so perhaps use Burnett’s as the base for a gin punch? Either way, be sure to pair Burnett’s with stimulating conversation.

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icon Juniper

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