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Broken Hill Distillery Gunpowder Gin

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Broken Hill Distillery Gunpowder Gin

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Broken Hill Distillery Gunpowder Gin



Venturing into the vast Australian outback, Broken Hill Distillery offers an experience as unique as its location. Among its distinct offerings is the Gunpowder Gin, a testament to the adventurous spirit and the craft of distillation that this distillery embodies. This review dives into the essence of Gunpowder Gin, exploring its complex profile and versatility in cocktails.

Taste Notes:

The Gunpowder Gin unfolds with a bold juniper presence, characteristic of a classic gin. However, it quickly distinguishes itself with an explosive array of botanicals that ignite the palate. Peppery notes, reminiscent of gunpowder’s smoky essence, blend seamlessly with subtle hints of native Australian botanicals, offering a taste of the outback’s rugged beauty. The finish is smooth yet leaves a memorable spark, inviting another sip.

Cocktail Pairings:

G&T / Highball Variations: This gin’s robust profile makes for a commanding G&T, where its smoky notes can be elevated with a slice of lime or lemon, scoring a 4/5.
Martini Variations: In a martini, Gunpowder Gin shines with dry vermouth, allowing its complex botanicals to take center stage, earning a 4.5/5.
– Shaken Cocktails: Its versatility is further showcased in shaken cocktails, where it brings a fiery twist to classics, rating a 4/5.
Negroni Variations: A Gunpowder Negroni offers a smoky depth that complements the sweet vermouth and Campari beautifully, achieving a perfect 5/5.


Broken Hill Distillery’s Gunpowder Gin is a bold and innovative expression of gin. It captures the spirit of the Australian outback with its unique blend of traditional and native botanicals. Ideal for the adventurous drinker, this gin is a must-try for those looking to explore beyond the conventional gin boundaries. Whether enjoyed neat, in a classic G&T, or as the base of a complex cocktail, Gunpowder Gin is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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