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blue iguana gin

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Blue Iguana Gin

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Blue Iguana Gin



Blue Iguana Gin, awarded the Gold Medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2023, is not just a gin but a celebration of the Cayman Islands’ vibrant culture and commitment to conservation. This exceptional spirit is crafted in collaboration with local conservation groups, embodying the essence of community and environmental stewardship.

Upon first scent, Blue Iguana Gin offers a smooth and subtle citrus aroma, which beautifully transitions into a unique blend of floral and berry notes. This gin’s distinct character is largely due to its use of unconventional and locally inspired botanicals such as sea grapes, June plums, guinep, and hibiscus. These ingredients, favorites in the diet of the Blue Iguana, lend the gin an extraordinary flavor profile that is both intriguing and delightful. The sea grapes bring a subtle, sweet-tart quality, while the June plums and guinep add a tropical, fruity dimension. The hibiscus imparts a gentle floral note, culminating in a gin that is as complex as it is enjoyable.

The finish of this 42% ABV gin is marked by a hint of mint, providing a refreshing and crisp end to the tasting experience. Each bottle sold contributes to the Blue Iguana Conservation, making it a choice that supports both the palate and the planet.

Blue Iguana Gin, with its unique blend of local botanicals and commitment to the environment, stands out as a remarkable and responsible choice for gin enthusiasts. It encapsulates the spirit of the Cayman Islands, offering a taste experience that is as rich and varied as the island’s natural beauty.

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