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bison GIN

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If you’ve looked over the different kinds of gin out there you may have thought you’d seen it all. Well, think again. That’s because this gin is partially flavored with sweet grass (also known as a bison grass). It’s, at least presently, the first and only gin to utilize this as an ingredient. In fact, the distillers really want to make sure you can taste it, because after the 13 botanicals are used in the production, bison grass is then infused again into the gin. This results in a light, grass taste and nose to the gin. If you’re a fan of that fresh-cut grass smell, you owe it to yourself to sample Bison.

Pairs Well With

The lighter, grass meets herbaceous taste to this gin lends itself to a warmer spring day. Listen to the gentle breeze or even a ball game over the radio while sipping a gin gimlet and popping your favorite bag of potato chips.

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