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Barr Hill Gin

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Barr Hill

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Barr Hill



Barr Hill Gin stands out as an unforgettable and distinctive spirit that leaves a lasting impression. Its uniqueness is not only derived from its exquisite flavor profile but also from its origin in Vermont, a departure from the typical gin-producing regions. What sets Barr Hill apart is the fascinating collaboration between beekeeper Todd Hardie and master distiller Ryan Christiansen, a union that has given birth to a truly remarkable gin.

The production process is a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplicity and quality. Using only a juniper spirit and raw honey sourced from local wildflowers, Barr Hill captures the essence of Vermont’s lush countryside. The combination is carefully distilled over a direct fire, creating a magical fusion of sharp juniper notes and rich, luscious honey. The result is a gin that truly reflects the depth and character of Vermont, earning Barr Hill the title of America’s most-awarded gin.

Barr Hill recommends blending their gin into a kettlebell, an experience we found to be exceptional, especially when enjoyed amidst the backdrop of nearby wildflowers. We highly recommend recreating a similar setting, whether it be in a field or with a carefully curated bouquet from your local florist or grocery store. It’s a delightful way to enhance the drinking experience and pay homage to the bees, acknowledging their crucial role in providing more than just honey.

In conclusion, Barr Hill Gin is a masterpiece that not only showcases the skillful artistry of its creators but also offers a sensory journey through the vibrant landscapes of Vermont. Its unparalleled taste, coupled with the brand’s dedication to sustainability and local sourcing, makes it a standout choice for gin enthusiasts and those seeking a truly exceptional spirit.

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3 Responses

  1. Barr Hill Gin is a delightful surprise for gin enthusiasts. The honey-forward profile adds a unique twist, making it a great option for creative mixologists. I recommend trying it in the classic Bee’s Knees cocktail for a truly enjoyable experience.

  2. Barr Hill Gin’s fusion of juniper and honey creates a distinctive and memorable drinking experience. An excellent choice for classic cocktails with a modern twist, the balance between sweetness and spice makes it a standout addition to any home bar

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