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Contemporary Gin
Amuerte Gin

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It’s not every day that you come across a bottle of gin from Peru. This Peruvian gin uses a very specific botanical that grows throughout the country: Coca. Not to be confused with chocolate, coca leaves, when put through a chemical process, produce cocaine. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting anything like that. Coca leaves are commonly used in teas, beers, and other drinks as a mild stimulant. With this gin it adds a subtle leafy taste and blends nicely with the fruity papaya and dragon fruit. It’s a fun gin to have and experiment with thanks to the fruity, zesty, and yet peppery taste.

Pairs With

Snuggle up next to the fire, pour your favorite gin cocktail with Amuerte, and bring out the smoked snacks. Smoke cheddar is fun, as is smoked bacon. Why not completely go for a smoked pub burger with seasoned fries or chips while sipping an Amuerte cocktail?

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