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A Mari Gin

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A Mari

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A Mari



Find yourself traveling over water and land alike with a sampling of this South African gin. A Mari pulls its botanical flavors from the region, including coastal fynbos, tangerine, allspice, angelica, coriander, orange, lemon, and of course juniper. It has a fresh, zesty aroma and taste to it, all pulled together through the use of distilled ocean water. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gin that offers you more of the local South African flavors than this gin. With botanicals from the earth and water, it is truly one of a kind and well worth a sampling.

Pairs Well With

You’ve worked a long day. You need something to relax with when you return home. So, you prepare some of your favorite stovetop popcorn and pour yourself an A Mari clean gin martini, because you want the salt of the popcorn to fully pull out the flavors of your gin cocktail.

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