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57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin

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57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin

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57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin



57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin encapsulates the essence of its namesake, the Isle of Skye, a place of stark beauty and natural wonder. Crafted with a keen sense of place, this gin aims to reflect the island’s wild and untouched landscapes, marrying the earthiness of the land with the briny character of the sea. Distilled, bottled, and labeled on Skye itself, this gin is a testament to local craftsmanship and the rich tapestry of botanicals the island offers.

Taste Notes:

On the nose, 57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin presents a bouquet of zesty orange and tangy lemon peels, underpinned by the crunchy, drying essence of juniper. This initial citrus burst is elegantly complemented by an oily texture, bringing forward subtle hints of seaweed and lavender, which weave together with warming peppercorns to create a layered and complex aroma profile. The palate continues this narrative, where earthen notes of juniper provide a peppery warmth, perfectly balanced with soft whispers of coastal salinity. The gin’s tasting journey concludes with a refined finish, leaving a memorable impression of its origin’s natural splendor.

Suggested Cocktail Pairings:

The versatility of 57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin makes it a splendid choice for a range of cocktails. For a classic that highlights its spicy notes, a Jacobite Negroni is recommended – simply mix with Campari, sweet vermouth, and a slice of orange peel for garnish. Its balanced profile also shines in a simple G&T, where its complex flavors can be gently unraveled, garnished with fresh herbs to enhance its botanical richness.

Overall Rating:

57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin is a distinguished spirit that stands out for its ability to capture the essence of its locale. With a harmonious blend of earthy and maritime botanicals, it offers a unique tasting experience that is both invigorating and deeply satisfying. This gin is a commendable choice for those seeking to explore the nuances of craft distillation influenced by the character of its environment. It’s a journey through the Isle of Skye in a glass, revealing the island’s beauty with each sip.

Rating: 4.5/5

A modern classic that seamlessly integrates the rugged charm of Skye with the refined elegance of a premium gin, 57° Skye Earth & Sea Gin is a must-try for enthusiasts looking to broaden their horizons with a gin that truly speaks of its origin.

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