Pairing the Best Gin with Food

If you’re preparing a special meal, having the right type of gin to pair with it is important. There are dozens of varieties of gin, creating numerous opportunities for those looking for something just right for any type of meal they are creating. Check out these recommendations to give you ideas on where to get started.

  • The Wrecking Coast Cornish Clotted Cream Gin

    There’s something incredible about the flavour profile of the Wrecking Coast Cornish Clotted Cream Gin. It’s not your average gin, with its 12 botanical formula that includes Cornish clotted cream. Pairing this gin with food can be challenging. That’s why it is best to keep it very simple. It works well with an antipasti plate, for example. The sweet and salty mixture is sure to create a palette-pleasing experience.

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  • Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin

    For those who want a simple dessert-style gin, the Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin is the route to take. It even tastes like a dessert itself. If you are enjoying a piece of cake, a basic cookie, or even a simple pastry, this is an easy choice. On the other hand, pairing it with a simple salad or fish can also work well for those who love a sweet option.

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  • Ki No Bi Gin

    Ki No Bi Gin is a unique formula from the Kyoto Distillery. It has a variety of ingredients in it, including bamboo leaves, gyokuro tea, and green sansho. It also has a strong citrus flavouring to it with a bit of spice and floral notes. For this reason, pair Ki No Bi Gin with any Asian-inspired dish you are serving. It also works well with most mild fish dishes. It’s a well-blended option that won’t take over the meal.

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  • Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin

    Aside from the very cool bottle, Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin is also an excellent choice for those who love citrus, big-flavour gin. This is the type of gin that has a strong taste to it, which means pairing it with simple dishes is best. Consider using it with pork, fish, or chicken, for example. The flavour has a bit of cinnamon in it, which can make it a hearty, warm flavour.

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Which Other Gins Pair Well with Food?

From powerful varieties like Ghost Gin to more unique flavours like Monkey 47 Dry Gin, most any gin can work well with at least one of the dishes you’re serving. Your goal here should be to choose gin that either stands out as the star flavour or offers softer undertones that pair well with your meals. The nutmeg, cloves, and Christmas tree needles in a bottle of Yuletide Gin are perfectly suited to a hearty soup and salad-type of a meal. If you are looking for something that works well for dessert, consider a Vintage Pu-erh Tea Gin, with is soft vanilla and lemon curd flavour. It works well for simple desserts.

Any of these gins can be stars on your shelf. Having a few varieties to choose from for both during and after a meal is a must if you plan to entertain.