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Ki No Bi Gin

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Ki No Bi

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Ki No Bi



The first Japanese gin brand, Ki No Bi, which translates to “The Beauty of the Season,” is a perennial favorite here at Gin Observer. It’s completely unique and invigorating – due, naturally, to its regional ingredients.

Starting with a rice-based spirit, Ki No Bi comes together through the layered addition of citrus, floral, and herbaceous ingredients, including yuzu, lemon, bamboo, the local herb shiso, and hinoki wood.

These light, pure ingredients combine to create an airy, floral gin that’s remarkably grounded. It starts on a vivid citrus note before a brief juniper bite gives way to a refreshing earthiness.


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Considering the light, refined flavor here, we actually recommend sipping Ki No Bi over ice. It’s simple and savory and goes nicely with an al fresco dinner while discussing the simple things in life: love, friends, and family. And, as Ki No Bi is a bit pricey, we do only have a little at a time.

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