5 New Gin Brands to Try in 2022

New gin brands, flavors, colors, and options are continuously emerging. Hailing from different countries and regions, brands are providing a glimpse into the unique botanicals found in small corners of the world, giving us all a chance to taste and experience the regions. With innovation being front and center, meet 5 new gin brands to try in 2022.

Rise Seasonal Spring Gin:
Distilled in the United States, Castle & Key Distillery produces a brand new spring flavored gin yearly. Although the original distillery was built 1887, 2014 is when the castle was restores and reopened for production. Rise Seasonal Spring Gin uses new and refreshing ingredients found in this century, and more importantly in the season harvested. Creating a gin of sweet aroma, floral taste, and a spicy finish.


Procera Gin:
Hailing from Kenya, Procera Gin is first to use Juniperus Procera found and harvested in the region, making this specific juniper the star of spirit with nutty and earthy flavors. Not only is Procera Gin the first craft gin in Kenya, it uses its community in harvesting, dedicated master distillers for distilling, and hand-blown glass bottles for an artisan touch.


Height of Arrows Gin:
Unlike many gins inspired by various clear spirits, the Scottish gin brand, Height of Arrows, is inspired by Whiskey. Just as whiskey is determined by just three ingredients of water, barely, and yeast, Height of Arrows gin flavor and aroma is determined by the use of three ingredients alone, juniper, Isle of Skye salt, and beeswax. Juniper is front and center, Isle of Skye salt is used to enhance the flavor, and beeswax aids in providing a smooth finish.


Portobello Road Celebrated Butter Gin:
If you are a lover of butter, this is the gin for you. Redistilled with 10 blocks of butter, the English gin brand certainly has a creamy texture of balanced salty and sweet. Inspired by a book by Charles Dickens, ‘Sketches by Box’, its creators set out to produce a gin with character and history combined, without sacrificing flavor or uniqueness.

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HYKE Signature Series Gin:
Made in England, the environmental forward brand works to utilize surplus by adding fruits and African and South American sourced botanicals to its award-winning, grape base, HYKE Gin. The citrus flavored seasonal spirit infuses oranges that would go unused for 5 days in producing a unique blend of flavors with a zesty yet sweet finish before bottling it in its African textile inspired bottle.