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Rise Seasonal Spring Gin

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Rise Seasonal Spring

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Rise Seasonal Spring



At Castle & Key, it’s time to reflect on the rebirth of the very ground we stand on: of the old distillery that we’ve restored, and the blossoming fields around it that we now draw inspiration from. This seasonal gin is a testament to the land and to the vibrancy of the harvest, harnessing the spirit of rebirth in a thoughtful selection of botanicals.

Aroma – Candied lemon peel, almond cookie, peppercorn, resinous, sweet rose, fresh alfalfa, vanilla, creamy, and a touch of mint. Taste – Floral, peppery, pine, sweet licorice, marzipan, savory herbal, wintergreen, and graham cracker. Finish – Short finish bringing herbal and peppery spice and punchy alcohol. Proof – 103 Alc/Vol – 51.5%
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