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Colombian Gin – All Gin Brands From Colombia

Colombian rum is the spirit that gets all of the attention from outside the country, but Colombian gin is coming up in the international ranks. Some of the same distilleries that focus on rum have expanded into gin. One of the most distinctive flavors of Colombian gin comes from the fact that the gin is made in the same facilities as the rum. The rum flavors get soaked into the gin, delivering a hybrid flavor that still retains the spirit of a pure gin.

What is the best Colombian gin?

Some of the most well known and flavorful Colombian gin brands around the world include the Aged Dry Gin and Treasure Black Gin from Dictador. You may also try Colombian Aged Ortodoxy Gin, which is based on the recipe of one of Colombia’s most famous distillers – Dario Parra.

Where to buy Colombian gin?

You can find Colombian gin all around the Internet – the trick is to know where. We have curated a list of top Colombian gin retailers from around the world, retailers who we know have great prices and excellent service. You must go through the people who really know the market in order to get the best brands for this up and coming market!

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Colombian Gin

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You'll be hard pressed to find many gins coming from Colombia, but with Dictador Gin, that's exactly what you have. This is more of a citrus based gin, with botanicals including mandarin or […]

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