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4 Summer Gin Cocktails for 2022

Summer is the a season of unlimited occasions, and at the Gin Observer we have a gin cocktail ready for each one. Whether a pool party, beach day, or a simple happy hour, we have you covered. Here are four delicious and cooling summer gin cocktails to enjoy.

Aperol Gin and Tonic:

We know what youā€™re thinking, Aperol Gin and Tonic sounds more of a winter, autumn type of drink, but we are here to call out the bluff. The orange cocktail is refreshingly simple yet deliciously complex with a mix of secret herbs and roots that pleasantly merge together for a slightly bitter yet citrusy drink with a sweet aroma. All you need are three ingredients, Gin, its best friend tonic, and splash of Aperol. We have taken our trusted gin and tonic recipe and carefully measured the right amount of Aperol for a balance of citrus and sweet on a hot summer day.


Watermelon Gin Punch:

Summer will not be the same if watermelon was not a part of it. So why not mix it into a cocktail and stir it with gin for a great addition to a fabulous day. Hiding beneath layers of watermelon you will find the beloved gin, a hint of citrus from lemon, and a sweet balance of mint and sugar all mixed together for a summer drink hit. Make a glass or fill a pitcher for easy sharing and refills. Keep out the ice if making ahead of time to avoid watering down, and enjoy with friends and family during a bbq, garden party, or a nice relaxing weekend.


Limoncello Gin Collins:

Bring vacation home with you with the lemony, sweet Limoncello Gin Collins. Taste the history of the Italian region mixed with fizzy bubbles for a cocktail meets lemon popsicle union. Mixed together is our favorite spirit, gin, limoncello liqueur, a splash of lemon juice for an added kick, a bit of simple syrup to cut down the acidity, and some bubbly club soda to top it all off. In all honesty, the Limoncello Gin Collins is a refreshing spin to the already slightly lemony Tom Collins, summer edition.


Strawberry Gin Smash:

The Strawberry Gin Smash is a fancy gin and tonic with a summery twist. The drink is quick and simple to make and can be made ahead of time in a pitcher for easy refills. We suggest keeping out the ice to avoid watering down, and adding some in when ready to serve. In this summer gin cocktail you can find lots of strawberries, gin, the best of spirits, lime juice for a kick, and tonic water to bring down the sweetness and mix it all into bubbly heaven.

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