4 Best Gin Gifts For Gin Lovers (Updated 2022)

As you consider the various types of gin, it’s easy to see that there’s something for any event, party, or holiday celebration. Gin also makes a fantastic gift, especially if you have a friend that’s interested in gins from around the world.

The key question is – which gin is best to give as a gift this holiday season? Then, browse our recommendations here. You may just love how many options there are to gift gin (and don’t forget to give yourself a few bottles as well.)

These recommendations are perfect for the holidays – but they work all year long, too. If you have to give someone something special as a thank you gift, an anniversary gift, or maybe just something for being a good friend, any of these gins work well.

  • Mermaid Gin

    There are many reasons to give gin as a gift – one of them being the beautiful bottles themselves. Mermaid Gin has it all. It is made using Isle of Wight rock samphire, lemon, grains of paradise, and elderflower, among other ingredients. This beautiful bottle, paired with the fresh, invigorating gin that’s within it, are perfect options for gift-giving.

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  • Tanqueray No. Ten

    There is no doubt that choosing a popular option is going to be the right route to take. The English Gin known as Tanqueray No. Ten, which has been around since 2000, is a good option for gift-giving. It’s a small-batch gin, which means you are sure to find it quite well-made. It has traditional botanicals along with limes, oranges, and grapefruit in it. It also has a strong aroma from the zest.

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  • Pink Gin

    When it comes to flavor, there are a variety of pink gins that make fantastic gifts. The bright color aside, pink gins like these have a fantastic flavor and a lighter taste overall. Any pink gin will work well as a gift, but a few key favorites to consider include Terres de Mistral Gin and Pinkster Gin.

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  • The Botanist Gin

    Here’s a unique way to enjoy gin is to give Botanist gin. This is a Scottish gin with several options. The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a fantastic option with 31 botanicals in it. It’s quite bright in flavor and packs a punch. Also, check out the Botanist Gin Herb Planter Gift Pack – it’s not just gin. It’s also the herbs that you can add to garnish the drink when done. That is going to create a fantastic level of flavor and an impressive look.

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As you compare the types of gin available from options such as Bombay Sapphire Gin to Monkey 47 Gin, you know there is going to be something special to enjoy for just about any need. It’s even possible to give yourself a fantastic gift of gin. Check out these gin gift ideas for 2020 to get a few more gin gift-giving ideas.