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Gin has undergone a resurgence in recent years, with its delicious botanical flavor being rediscovered by the masses. Clear, crisp, and refreshing, gin is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks. Its herbal flavor, with hints of juniper, makes it an excellent base for classic cocktails like the gin and tonic, as well as more experimental drinks like the Arugula Gimlet. And with its smooth finish, gin can even be enjoyed on its own.

As gin continues to gain popularity among drinkers worldwide, it has become a popular choice for gifts and special occasions. From personalized glassware to educational books on the history of gin, there is a wide range of gifts and accessories available for the gin lover in your life. So why not spread the love and give a gift that will be truly appreciated by the gin connoisseur in your circle? There’s no better way to show your appreciation for this classic spirit.

Gin Glasses

A gin lover needs a glass worthy of their favorite cocktail. Give the gift of some of the best gin glasses to your gin loving friends, making sure they prep their delicious drinks in style. From engraved gin and tonic glasses to elegant gin balloon glasses, these handcrafted cups are an excellent pairing with the botanical spirit. Versatile in its look, these glasses can be used during home entertainment events as well as when they want to unwind with a refreshing drink after a long hard day. No matter the budget, there’s a perfect glass for every kind of gin connoisseur in your life.

  • Gin & Tonic HighBall Glass & Gift Tube Set

    This highball glass set is sure to speak to the gin lover in your friend circle. Perfect for a shot or a quick sip of their favorite spirit, these slender glasses are each scripted with a design that speaks to their unique tastes.

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  • Bombay Sapphire London Gin Rocks Glass

    Beautifully designed and cut from Bombay Sapphire liter bottles, these handcrafted gin and tonic glasses make the perfect gift for a gin lover. Sanded down for a smooth edge, let the cerulean blue glass add a bit of sophistication to their next party.

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  • Glitter Gin Glass

    Want to add a little sparkle to your gift giving? Dipped in color and scripted, these fun gin glasses have glitter stems and vinyl etching that speaks to the passion of the gin lover in your group of friends and family.

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Gin Gift Sets

The perfect gin cocktail needs a bit of everything to hit the right notes. If you know someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen and enjoys the flavorful finish of gin, give the gift of gin concoctions. With a gin tasting set, your favorite gin lover can create their perfect cocktail in the comfort of their own home.聽 A miniature gin gift set is also a great option to give to someone with a diverse palette and who enjoys experimenting with different flavors and styles. From mini sets to do-it-yourself kits, our list of gin cocktail gift sets will ensure you grab the attention of the gin fanatic, regardless of their preferences.

  • Drinks by the Dram Gin Monkey A History Of Gin Tasting Set

    A little taste goes a long way. This gin tasting set is a great gift for a gin lover who wants to experience a wide range of flavors that have made their mark on history. Packed in 3cl drams, let them explore the history of gin one bottle at a time with this collection.

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  • Gin Making Kit

    Give your gin loving friend the power to make their own drinks with this gin cocktail gift set. Designed with their tastes in mind, this set gives them everything they need to curate the perfect drink.

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  • Botanical Infusion Bags

    Give the gift of infusion with herbal botanicals that compliment the undertones of their favorite juniper libation. Let them indulge in the distinct taste of ginger, raspberry grapefruit with these air-dried infusion bags. Simply dip them into their cocktail for a spiced experience!

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Gin Christmas Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching and it鈥檚 time to start thinking about the gifts you鈥檒l get for your loved ones. Gin Xmas presents are gifts that keep on giving, becoming keepsakes as time goes on. Instead of scrambling for a last minute gift or braving the crowds on Black Friday, take a look at some of the best gin Christmas presents we鈥檝e got in store for the gin lover in your family or group of friends. Packed with all of the essentials and a wide range of flavors for the perfect cocktail, let these gin Xmas gifts demonstrate how much you care about the close people in your life.

  • Pickering鈥檚 Gin Christmas Baubles

    These colorful plastic baubles add a bit of flair to your gin lover鈥檚 Christmas tree and come with an added drinkable gift. Filled with Pickering鈥檚 Gin, snag a few baubles off a branch to indulge in the delicious flavors of this libation.

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  • Edinburgh Christmas Gin

    Give the gift of sipping on a beverage with a hint of Christmas cheer. This special edition of Edinburgh鈥檚 gin has notes of frankincense and myrrh to get your gin lover in the holiday spirit.

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Personalized Gin Gifts

Add a personal touch to your gin gift giving with a personalized gin set. Specifically catered to the person you give the gift to, these amazing gin gift sets give an extra intimate touch to the gin connoisseur in your life. Etch a special message onto the back of a personalized gin bottle or commemorate an event with a personalized gin glass. Regardless of what you choose, turn the gift into a collectible with this special personalized touch.

  • Personalized Gin Goblet

    Perfect for a birthday present, wedding gift or simply as a thoughtful gesture, this personalized gin goblet lists the name and favorite cocktail of the drinker, turning it into their go-to glass for their signature beverage.

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  • Personalised Gin Bottles

    These personalised Gin Bottles from The Whisky Exchange, are the perfect gift for any true gin lover! Made using some of the world鈥檚 finest gin brands, you can create your very own gin bottle label or engrave your truly unique message on a beautiful bottle, any gin lover will love this!

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Gin books

Having been around for centuries, gin has undergone many different styles, yet still manages to be the foundation for countless classic drinks. Educate the gin expert in your group by getting them a gin cocktail book. Improve their dinner party hosting skills with a gin tasting book, or allow them to entertain a room full of creatives with ease using a gin coloring book. Expand their knowledge and bartending skills at the same time with these cool gin book sets, meant to stimulate their mind and intrigue their taste buds.

  • The Little Book of Gin Cocktails

    From the classic to the more unknown, this book of gin cocktails features a wide range of delicious recipes to whet the palette of the gin aficionado amongst your friends. From fizzers to high spirits, let this book guide them on your their experiment in the kitchen.

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  • Gin: The Manual

    Comprehensive, alluring and full of gin history, this manual dives into the details of this delicious spirit. Get your gin lover to brush up on the history and learn a few tricks to make the most out of their next gin cocktail.

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  • Color Your Cocktails: An Adult Coloring Book with Cocktail Recipes: Volume 1

    Give the gift of arts and crafts with this gin cocktail coloring book. If they thought drinking couldn鈥檛 get any more fun, this black and white illustrated book will keep your gin fan busy coloring in some of their favorite gin cocktail recipes.

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Miniature Gin Bottles

The gin lover in your circle doesn鈥檛 need to catch a flight to drink from a few mini gin bottles. Have them skip the plane and indulge in a curated batch of small bottles of gin. These mini-sized spirits are great to take on the go, allowing them to enjoy some of your favorite brands in smaller doses. Packaged in 5cl gin bottles and fun to share, these miniature versions give your favorite gin lover a chance to try out different varieties of their signature spirit.

  • Gin and Jenever Miniatures

    Stockpile on the favorite gin brands of your gin connoisseur with these gin miniatures. Sized just right to slip into their purse or backpack, these perfectly sized spirits come in handy at just the right time.

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  • Emergency Gin Keyring

    A quaint gift, give your gin friend a keyring that鈥檒l provide an emergency sip in dry times. Never leave them unprepared with this cute, distinct flask.

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  • Gin Spirit Miniatures Gift Set

    Packaged in a sleek wooden boxed set, these four flavorful gin spirits increase the taste in the favorite cocktails of your gin connoisseur, adding a spiced undertone to any classic drink. Pour a little or pour the whole bottle for an extra boost. The choice is up to them!

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Gin Gifts for Her

Getting a gift for that special woman in your life can be difficult, especially if you鈥檙e unsure of what her unique tastes are. Skip the confusion and get her something that will relax and delight her senses. Women love a good drink too and there鈥檚 no better gift than a beautiful bottle of gin. From kicking up her feet after a long day to entertaining guests on the weekend, these gin presents for her are fashionable and delicious to drink. Specially crafted with her in mind, these gin presents are sure to be a hit.

  • Script Personalized Gin Glass

    Enhanced with handwritten script etched into the glass, this personalized and feminine gin glass speaks to her unique personality. Its rounded shape is perfect to capture all the high notes of her favorite gin spirit.

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  • Gin And Tonic Marmalade

    Spread a little gin-flavored jelly on her toast for an intoxicating taste with breakfast. Great to bake with, make this gourmet marmalade the secret ingredient in her next dish.

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  • Gin Made With Fresh British Raspberries

    Pinked from the infusion of British raspberries, this boozy concoction kicks up the flavor with its fruity undertones. Have her use those as the base for her next gin and tonic and experience the smooth berry finish.

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Gin T-Shirts

What a better way to express passion than with a t-shirt? Give the gift of expression with these classic and comfortable tees, illuminating the style and humor of your dearest gin fan. Have them declare your brand preference with a Hendricks gin t-shirt, high fiving others who share the same taste. Fitted to the contours of their body, these trendy shirts are a great addition to their closet and will be a conversation starter at the next event they attend.

  • May Contain Gin T Shirt

    Bring out their sarcasm with this funny May Contain Gin t-shirt. Designed to withstand a few washes, this fade-resistant shirt is perfect for any gin lover to wear on a casual occasion.

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  • Let the Good Times be Gin T Shirt

    The good times never stop when gin is involved. Perfect for the summer, gift this festive white and yellow gin tee so that your gin friend can wear it at the next pool party or barbeque to keep the fun times rolling.

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  • Got Gin and Tonic? T-Shirt

    Have them express their love for a gin and tonic with this simple black and white tee. Its clever twist on the classic milk slogan will make sure they鈥檙e the first one at the bar with a drink in hand.

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  • Gin and tonic T-shirts

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Gin Posters

Want to add a splash of color to the home of the gin lover in your circle but don鈥檛 know where to start?聽 If they鈥檙e passionate about gin, there鈥檚 definitely artwork out there for it! From a simple gin print to Hendricks gin artwork, these gin poster ideas are inspired by culturally classic styles and patterns. Turn their home into a work of art with crafted framed posters and prints that mirror their drinking tastes and add a bit of pop to their walls.

  • Gin Cocktail Watercolor Painting

    Retro and refreshing to look at, this watercolor art paints the image of a perfect gin cocktail. Have your gin friend hang it over a hearth or on a blank, unused wall to bring the entire room to life.

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  • Set of 3 Gin Prints

    For the gin lover with varied tastes, this set of 3 gin prints is perfect to spice up their home decor. Its booze-infused vintage style features classic gin spirits that are enjoyed by the masses.

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  • Hendricks Gin Art

    Pops of vibrant color really make this Hendricks Gin Art stand out above the rest. Great as a wedding or birthday gift, give this limited edition acrylic painting to the gin lover in your close circle.

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