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Dutch Gin – All Gin Brands From The Netherlands

When searching for the best Dutch gin brands you will often find spirits that are similar to that of English or Scottish gins, yet have unique botanicals hailed specifically from the small Netherlands. So whether you’re looking for new gin from The Netherlands or you just want a quality Dutch gin to add to your collection, here are some of the best and finest options available.

What Is The Best Dutch Gin

The best Dutch gin is always a matter of taste. What is the right gin for you may not be the best for the next consumer. However, a good place to begin is by looking over the World Gin Awards. These awards are handed out annually for the top tasting gins, according to gin experts from around the world.

Perfume Trees Gin

This brand received the Best Contemporary Style Gin for The Netherlands at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

Gospel Spirits: Barrel-Aged Piet Honingh Genever

The Barrel-Aged Piet Honingh Genever received the best Genever gin for The Netherlands at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

No. 3: London Dry Gin

No. 3 received was awarded the Best London Dry style of gin in The Netherlands.

Rutte Dry Gin

This Gin received the “Gold” award for London Dry style of gin in The Netherlands

Gospel Spirits: Dutch Gin

Gospel Spirits won another award, this time it won the “Silver” award in the London Dry style of gin in The Netherlands.

Gospel Spirits: Barrel Aged Gin

Gospel Spirits won its third award with the Best Matured Gin in The Netherlands.

Where To Buy Dutch Gin?

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the best Dutch gins. While some of the smaller boutique brands are up and coming, and may not be available in your area just year, make sure to use our curated list of top Dutch gin retailers. Should you decide to order online instead of buying from a traditional location, always make sure you shop through a vetted and reputable spirits distributor.

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