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South African Gin – All Gin Brands From South Africa

The gin craze of the past few years has definitely spread outside of the UK into the nation of South Africa. There are now more South African gin brands than the average person would care to count, but there are some real gems in this growing market.

What is the best South African gin?

The World Gin Awards shined a spotlight on Cruxland Gin from KWV as the best London Dry Gin. Best Contemporary Style Gin from the area went to Mary Jane from Monks, and Medella from the same distillery won in the Classic Gin category. In terms of pure popularity, standout products that everyone is enjoying include A Mari Ocean Gin, Black Meerkat Gin, Blind Tiger Gin, Clemengold Gin, Hope on Hopkins, and Prohibition Gin.

Where to buy South African gin?

One quick Google search will show you that South African gin is quickly becoming a mainstay around the Internet – the trick is to know where to get the best brands. We have curated a list of top South African gin retailers from around the world – people with access to the South African gin market and who we know have great prices and amazing service.

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South Africa Gin

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As the name implies, Belgravia London Dry Gin is almost as traditional a gin as one can find. While it incorporates pepper and citrus, the star here is classic juniper, making Belgravia an […]
Blind Tiger (South Africa)
Blind Tiger Gin takes inspiration and influence from around world – while aligning itself with the historic Plymouth Gin style. A fresh and exciting nose with a medley of angelica root and […]
A finely crafted gin from the South Africa. The silky palate is introduced by enticing sweet notes of Spring blossoms on a bed of earthy juniper juiciness, balanced by a fine herbal bittern […]
Cape Town Gin
Cape Town Classic Dry Gin pays homage to the first Gins made in Holland and England over 150 years ago, when Juniper berries were the predominant flavour. This Dry Gin is a well-made, caref […]
ClemenGold blends classic English influence with a distinctly South African twist: succulent ClemenGold mandarin oranges. These renowned fruits are blended with nine other botanicals, inclu […]
Deep South
The Cape Dry Gin is a beautifully balanced, juniper-forward gin made in a classic dry gin style, but with additional botanicals grown and harvested in the Cape Peninsula. These mountain buc […]
Die Mas
Well rounded notes of juniper, delicate spiciness from traditional botanicals and a welcoming lemon and citrus finish. A true Kalahari gem.
D'Urban Durban Dry Gin is a classic London Dry style gin, with a twist – our gin is made with a blend of 10 botanicals including African Rosehip.
Well-balanced soft spirit with clean citrus flavour in foreground. Floral flavours linger until the juniper and fennel rounds the spirit off.
Looking to give a gin from a different area of the world a try? This gin comes from the Cape region of South Africa. It has a bold, zesty taste to it with an undertone of herbs. All of this […]
A smooth gin carefully crafted in small batches using only the best botanicals. Copper distilled with the diversity and creative energy to create a perfect gin, smooth as the summer sky.
Ginologist has a spicy, floral complexity to it. If you love a great London Dry Gin but with it came with a bit more snapping bite to it, Ginologist is the gin for you. it's made with botan […]
Grey Hawk
This gin is a perfect mixture of citruses and perfect botanical ingredients to give a lemon like finish on the tongue whenever you drink it. It is perfect for citrus enthusiasts who wish to […]
Hope on Hopkins
You can experience a bit of South African London culture whenever you decide to sip on this gin. It has an incredible mix of botanicals that are delightful to the nose and perfect to mix in […]
Infused with fynbos from the limestone-rich soils of the low lands of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Inverroche Gin Classic is crispy and dry with upfront green, grassy juniper notes which blend […]
Jorgensen's Fynbos Gin is a journey through extraoprdinary African aromatic botanicals. South African grown Juniper and peppery Grains of Paradise from Wild West Africa.
When it comes to gin you're probably not thinking of South Africa, but that's why makes it KWV Cruxland Gin such a unique find. Sure, it uses some traditional botanicals like juniper, coria […]
New Harbour Distillery
A colourful New Western Dry style Gin with a light juniper taste combined with a smooth almond mouthfeel, and lingering orange and Rooibos aftertaste.
Old Packhouse
The Old Packhouse Crystal Gin is triple distilled. In the fourth distillation, the vapour infusion technique is used through the botanicals which marries the subtle flavours into the pure s […]
Prohibition Gin
Silver Creek Prohibition Gin is made in the same style as the gin of the American Prohibition era.

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