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Scottish Gin – All Gin Brands From Scotland

Scottish gin is an exciting market, as it is undergoing a complete overhaul. There has been a huge boom in craft distilleries over the past few years. Scottish distilleries also take a great deal of inspiration from the whiskey market, which opens their eyes to exciting possibilities that many other spirit cultures may overlook.

What is the best Scottish gin?

The high number of gin festivals and the official launch of International Scottish Gin Day have begun to shine a spotlight on a number of great distilleries and brands. Some of the most well received Scottish gin brands include Teasmith Gin and Lone Wolf Gin from Aberdeenshire, Rock Rose Gin from Caithness, Thompson Bros Organic Certified Gin from Dornoch and Loch Ness Gin from Inverness.

Where to buy Scottish gin?

Scottish gin is becoming more popular, but this does not mean that the best brands are easy to find. You must know the right people in order to get the best brands and an attractive price. We have curated a list of top Scottish gin retailers from around the world. These retailers stay in close contact with the Scottish gin market makers to get you the best selection and most advantageous pricing.

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Scottish Gin

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Achroous Gin
Expertly crafted in Scotland, this gin is a unique, Scottish gin. You'll often find Scottish gin stands out from other British gins thanks to the Scottish coastline, local botanicals, and t […]
Ancient Mariner
This classic, juniper heavy gin balances a crisp smoothness with a touch of pepper and spice. Ancient Mariner is a smooth Gin based on a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem - made from grain in Lo […]
The Arbikie Gin is crafted using a potato base spirit (which are grown on the estate). It then brings in several botanicals, including blaeberry, kelp, juniper, and Carline thistle. The Sco […]
Avva Scottish Gin is made using a combination of classic gin botanicals as well as botanicals foraged in Speyside and the Highlands. These include dandelion, mint, red clover, nettle and Ro […]
Badachro Gin is a small batch spirit made in the Highlands of Scotland. Aged in the locally constructed copper stills, you can almost taste the history of Scotland in every sip. Featuring b […]
This craft gin was created utilizing botanicals that are native to Bardowie Loch near Glasgow. This malt is known for its rich botanicals and exquisite finish that pairs perfectly with any […]
Boe out of Scotland makes a number of gins, ranging from the Superior Gin to Spiced Orange and Passion Gin. However, by far it's most popular is the Boe Violet Gin. Basically, it takes a tr […]
The Botanist
The Botanist gin wears its Scottish heritage on its sleeve. And thank goodness for that. Infused with 22 unique botanicals, including local barks, peels, seeds, and nine different berries […]
Bothy Gin Original embraces our values of independence and authenticity. With a splash of tonic, a cube of ice and a slice of orange, it's an experience to relish.
Byron's Gin is multi-layered with traditional juniper enhanced with local herbs and garden botanicals from the grounds of our boutique, artisan distillery, nestled in the Cairngorm National Park.
Cadenhead's Old Raj
Old Raj gin has been produced for us since 1972 and is available at 46% and 55% abv. Bottling takes place in Campbeltown. This quality floral gin has a slight yellow tint due to the additio […]
Caorunn is a Scottish gin, made in the historic Scottish HIghlands. It features anywhere from five to 11 botanicals, designed to give the gin (pronounced Ka-room), a spicy, yet sweet and cl […]
Made with a simple but robust selection of botanicals including juniper, Angelica Root, Calamus Root, and Coriander, Colonsay Gin is bottled at 47% ABV, making it a good choice for cocktail […]
Deep in the Highlands of Scotland you'll find more than scotch. You'll find a loverly number of gin distillers (many of the scotch companies have expanded to begin producing gin as well). C […]
Daffy's Gin is a small batch gin out of Scotland. The distiller, which takes advantage of a grain spirit produced in Northern France, still uses copper pots in the distillation process. It […]
Our recipe for Darnley's Original was inspired by elderflower growing wild around the Wemyss family estate in Scotland. After picking copious amounts to dry out and then test in the stills, […]
Duncan's Scottish Gin was created with a small selection of Scottish botanicals picked from the Cairngorm National Park. Each botanical represents a colour found in the Duncan Tartan (as yo […]
Eden Mill
The famous pink gin from Eden Mill. More and more people have fallen in love with it for its floral and warm berry notes and its association with Valentine's day. This unique gin is now a f […]
Edinburgh Gin is a fusion of old and new, tradition and discovery. Founded to honor the Scottish capital’s imaginative, creative history, this hand-crafted spirit propels classic gin into t […]
eenoo is distilled with Royal Deeside honey. The flavour profile of our honey is unique to the local area and is made up of heather, willow herb and clover pollen. To complement the honey w […]

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