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Japanese Gin Brands – All Gin Brands From Japan

The Japanese have always had a distinct process and taste to their spirits, starting with whisky. The success of Japanese whisky across the world has encouraged some distillers in the country to move into the gin market. In 2016, the Kyoto distillery laid claim to the first artisanal gin products, with the signature flavor being Ki No Bi. The Japanese methodology of gin-making involves distilling the botanical ingredients separately before combining them in the final phase.

What is the Best Japanese Gin?

The 2019 World Gin Awards found that Japan’s relatively young gin industry had created some real gems. The aforementioned Kyoto Distillery took the award for best Japanese Old Tom Gin with Ki No Bi. Ki No Bi also won best London Dry Gin. Sakurao took the award for best Contemporary Gin. Other Japanese gins that went global included products from Nikka and Suntory, products that are sold in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Of the brands that are currently on sale in the global marketplace, Roku from Suntory is arguably the most popular. The name ‘Roku’ means six in Japanese and represents the six botanicals that craft the balanced taste of the gin.

Where to Buy Japanese Gin?

Japanese gin can be found all over the Internet, but to get the great stuff at a good price, you have to know where to look. We have curated a list of top online retailers from around the world that sell the best Japanese gin. These are the good people we know for sure will give you top-notch service and great prices. Most importantly, these are trusted sources that our highly knowledgeable readers all love, so you know that you are always working with the best in the business!

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Japanese Gin

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Date Established
Ki No Bi
The first Japanese gin brand, Ki No Bi, which translates to “The Beauty of the Season,” is a perennial favorite here at Gin Observer. It’s completely unique and invigorating – due, naturall […]
There aren’t many Japanese gins, and those that do exist often start with a rice spirit – much like sake. Nikka Gin goes a different route: they use a barley, corn base, giving their gin a […]
Roku Gin is a Japanese gin that brings with it both traditional botanical elements and ingredients you're not going to find anywhere else but Japan. This includes juniper, lemon peel, yuzu […]
Sakurao Gin is distilled in the heart of Hiroshima and takes advantage of 17 unique botanicals, all of which are grown within the city. While it is made in the same distillation methods as […]
Wa Bi Gin
Wa Bi Gin comes from the Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima. The newer gin (it debuted in 2017), takes advantage of local botanicals including yuzu, perilla, green tea leaves, and ginger. It v […]
Masahiro Okinawa Gin
Masahiro Okinawa Gin is the very first gin to come not only by the Masahiro distillery, but the very first gin to come from the Southern Japanese island. All of the botanicals are locally s […]
Wa Gin
Wa Gin is handcrafted in Japan. It's based off of sake, which is a rice wine, and then distilled down using seven additional botanicals. The distillers first add both woody and spicy notes […]
Kozue Gin is a hand crafted Japanese spirit that makes especially small batches of gin. In fact, the Fujishiro Distillery released just 100 bottles of the gin upon its release. The gin itse […]
Kyoya’s Yuzu Gin balances innovation and tradition. It’s a traditional dry gin, but the Japanese brand has an entirely unique approach: the distillers create a traditional Shōchū – a distil […]

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