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Indian Gin – All Gin Brands From India

The craft gin revolution around the world took India by storm. Dark rum and blended whiskey are the orders of the day in the up and coming nation, but many distilleries saw a new niche in an upper-class market. Led by many entrepreneurs from the UK and Australia as well as many Indian natives, India craft gin is making waves in the international market.

What is the best Indian gin?

Himalayan Dry Gin from the Hapusa distillery took the top award in Contemporary Style Gin from the World Gin Awards. The London Dry Gin from Greater Than was awarded the best London Dry Gin, and the London Dry Gin from The East India Company took a Silver placement. Both Hapusa and Greater Than are tied to the company Nao Spirits, which is planning an expansion of more craft gins based upon the overwhelming success of their first brand offerings.

Where to buy Indian gin?

You may be able to find Indian gin all around the Internet, but you need to know where to look for the real authentic stuff. Our list of top Indian gin retailers from around the world has great prices and amazing service for you, with the widest selection of local craft gins from India available to you.

Indian Gin

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