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Finnish Gin – All Gin Brands From Finland

Finland is a country that does not get its due in many areas. Spirits are definitely one of these areas. Some of the most highly respected gin brands in the world come from Finland. These brands are commercially accepted and international contest winners as well.

What is the best Finnish gin?

The 2019 World Gin Awards brought attention to Koskue from Kyrö for best-Matured Gin and Gin from Tampere for best Contemporary Style Gin. Other popular and top-ranked Finnish gin brands include Napue Gin and Arctic Blue Gin, both of which have taken multiple awards at competitions around the world.

Where to buy Finnish gin?

Some Finnish gin brands may be a bit more difficult to find than others. Some of the smaller distilleries do not have the reach to distribute beyond a certain area. In order to get the best selection to you, we have curated a list of top gin retailers who carry Finnish gin. These are businesses with great selection and great prices.

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Finnish Gin

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Kyrö Napue
Kyrö Napue is a gin made in Finland. It uses a number of local botanicals, including cranberries, birch leaves, and sea buckthorn. You can almost taste the morning fog of the Finnish countr […]
Ron De Jeremy
The Hedgehog gin (which is Ron's nickname) is made utilizing non-traditional botanicals such as damiana, ginseng and many more that you won't find in any kind of traditional gin drink. Exce […]
Tempere Gin is made by the Tempere Brewing and Distilling Company out of Finland. It packs a slighter higher ABV at 47 percent, which helps give it a bit of additional heat when consuming i […]
Arctic Blue
Nestled in a small town on the Eastern edge of Finland, Arctic Blue Gin is a multi-award winning gin that is the produced in the oldest winery and distillery in the country. The gin is made […]
A Finnish gin with tastes of Finnish juniper berry and highlight notes of wild angelica, red clover and citrus. Ägräs Gin is crafted and distilled at Ägräs Distillery in the old ironworks […]
Helsinki Dry Gin is an artisanal, premium gin distilled with nine choicest hand-picked botanicals including the Arctic lingonberry. Blended with the purest Finnish water, Helsinki Dry Gin i […]

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