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Contemporary Gin
Woodstock Gin

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Woodstock Gin

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Woodstock Gin



The name Woodstock has long had a connection to love and peace and, of course, music. Well you’ll be singing your own tune when sipping on a Woodstock Gin cocktail. There are a handful of options when shopping around Woodstock Gin, although the four main labels are all distilled using grapes as the main alcohol source. 399 on Albert is the main gin from Woodstock, and it relies on a traditional juniper botanical, although there are other flavor notes including rose geranium, citrus, buchua, and wild rosemary. It being a grape-based gin if you have any gluten allergies you’ll be in the clear to sample this particular gin.

Pairs Well With

An evening at hope, putting your favorite record on the player and enjoying life for everything it is. And between songs you’ll be able to pour yourself a Woodstock Gin cocktail while cracking open the pita chips and hummus dip.

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