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Contemporary Gin
Perfume Trees Gin

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Perfume Trees

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Perfume Trees



Perfume Trees Gin exemplifies gin’s inherent adaptability. Botanicals indigenous to and sourced from Hong Kong – robust sandalwood, appropriately fragrant white champaca, earthy green tea, and aged tangerine peel for tartness – are joined with juniper and freshwater from the Netherlands, where Perfume Trees is distilled. The synthesis is unparalleled.

Taken as a whole, this contemporary gin offers accentuates the central botanicals over a milder juniper, creating a unique flavor experience that falls between naval-strength gin and a classic dry gin. 

Pairs Well With:  Clean cocktails that put gin center stage. We suggest you sample Perfume Trees Gin with a classic cocktail that puts gin center stage, such as a gin and tonic. This may sound elementary, but awakens this expressive gin’s equally herbal and savory flavors. 

That said, we advise enjoying Perfume Trees in natural environs, such as a public park, a woodland trail, or even one’s own backyard.

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