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Monks Gin

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There’s an old saying that England didn’t invent gin, it simply introduced the world to it. Without getting into the history of gin, that’s essentially true, and many of the nation’s colonies sprouted gin production. Monks Gin hails from South Africa, and brings with it not only the historical elements of the English gin, but it uses a number of its own local botanicals. This includes blueberry, hemp and “African herbs” (which Monks does not go into further detail about). The gin itself is rather unusual as every bottle is a bit different, so your drinking experience may differ slightly. Nothing like experiencing a different taste with every sip.

Pairs Well With

The worlds is your oyster here. There’s an earthy, zesty taste to it, but again that can change. So pair with whatever you’re hungry for. Sweet, salty, or anything else in between. Enjoy the gin and make it your own.

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