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Merywen Gin

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In case you were wondering what this gin will taste like, its name, Merywen, is Welsh for juniper. So, yeah, it’s going to taste like juniper. If you are a fan of that pine taste, this will absolutely be a gin you need to try out. If you’re not someone who’s looking for juniper, well, there are plenty of other options out there for you to discover. On top of the juniper botanical though this gin does use gorse and heather. And, just in case you’re curious, gorse is a small, thorny shrub, which adds to that earthy, pine taste.

Pairs Well With

We like to bring in something clean tasting to blend with the pine of the Merywen. A nice cucumber salad is divine with this gin. It’s that much better when you have it on a warm, summer day. We’d prefer it with our toes in a pool, but to each their own.

Country of Origin
icon Heather
icon Juniper

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