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Malaria Gin

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Malaria Gin

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Malaria Gin



Malaria Gin is a deep-blue elixir crafted by Raven Clan Distillery, based in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and presented in an elegant bottle with an alluring label illustrated by Mendoza-based Studio Sinner.  The Malaria name harkens back to the mid-19th century, when British troops based in the East Indies found that the bitter quinine powder prescribed to cure bouts of malaria common in the region was best drunk with a mix of sugar, water, and, most critically, a dose of gin – creating the precursor to the modern-day Gin and Tonic.  Malaria Gin is an artful tribute to this unique history, and worthy of enhancing your next G&T.  

Created from 17 botanicals and infused with flowers, this all-natural gin (no artificial colors) develops over four distillations and comes in at 80 proof.  The gin’s striking blue color draws you in, while the juniper, floral and dried herbal aromas set the stage for pleasantly spicy and citrus notes.  Malaria has a light body and clean finish.  In tall drinks (G&T and highball variations) and shaken cocktails the blue liquid transforms into magenta (not a hallucination), delivering a memorable and tasty tonic.      

Try with:  A classic G&T will highlight the gin’s spicy notes and transform Malaria’s deep blue color into a purple and magenta elixir.

Cocktail pairings:

G&T / Highball variations: 4/5

Martini variations: 3/5

Shaken cocktails: 4/5

Negroni variations: 3/5

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