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Little Bird

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Little Bird

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Little Bird



If you’ve been searching for a London Dry Gin that’s made in the city proper of London itself, look no further than Little Bird Gin. Made in the heart of the city, this particular gin relies on flavors provided by 10 different botanicals, including ginger, grapefruit, and orange. As a traditional London Dry it does bring juniper as one of the 10 botanicals, so you’ll still have the peppery, pine taste, which blends well thanks to the spicy ginger and tangy grapefruit.

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If you just picked yourself up some spicy Thai and you’re looking for a spirit that won’t over power and yet provide some of its own flavor, Little Bird London Dry Gin is one you should try. It’s great in a gin and tonic, and you can even grab that little lime wedge provided you at the Thai restaurant and squeeze it into your cocktail.

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