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Hortus Gin

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Hortus Artisan London Dry

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Hortus Artisan London Dry



Presentation & Background: Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin is a product of Lidl, a popular supermarket chain in the UK. It is crafted as a small batch-distilled London Dry Gin, emphasizing traditional methods and quality. This gin is part of Lidl’s own-brand Hortus range, which has gained recognition for offering quality spirits at affordable prices.

Flavor Profile: The gin is infused with a careful selection of botanicals, which are added by hand and left to steep for at least eight hours before distillation. This process ensures the extraction of the finest flavors from each botanical. The gin is noted for its fresh citrus and green herbaceous notes, making it a classic example of the London Dry style. Its taste profile is designed to appeal to those who appreciate a traditional gin experience with a modern twist.

Sipping Experience: Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin is ideal for a classic gin and tonic. The fresh citrus and herbaceous notes in the gin complement the bitterness of tonic water, making for a refreshing and balanced drink. It can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, where its subtle flavors can be savored in their entirety.

Cocktail Pairings: Given its classic London Dry profile, this gin is versatile in a variety of cocktails. It would particularly shine in drinks where gin is the star, such as a dry martini or a gin fizz. The citrus notes would also make it a great base for more adventurous cocktails that call for a robust gin flavor.

Conclusion: Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin from Lidl is a testament to the supermarket’s commitment to quality and affordability. It offers a classic gin experience with a focus on freshness and purity of flavor, making it an excellent choice for both traditional gin lovers and those looking to explore the spirit without a hefty price tag.

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  1. Great flavours of a traditional style London dry gin – good value compared to some big brands’ offering. Four stars!

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