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Highclere Castle Gin

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Highclere Castle Gin

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Highclere Castle Gin



Produced in England’s oldest gin distillery and hailing from the stunning Victorian castle that served as the set for Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle Gin is a modern classic that draws on its history to deliver a delicate and sophisticated London Dry offering.  The first written records of Highclere estate date to Anglo-Saxon times (749 AD), and this high-quality gin is inspired by the castle’s old English gardens and ingredients grown locally on the estate for centuries, including lime flower, juniper and oats (used as a botanical, not in the base spirit).  

Highclere Castle Gin combines classic juniper and pine aromas with an array of flavors spanning dried flowers (lavender), sweet and creamy oats, cardamom and citrus (orange zest and lime flower).  The long smooth finish is yet another reason this gin (43.5% ABV) is award-winning.  This is the kind of gin Sean Connery’s Bond would order (in a tuxedo), but it works in casual highballs and shaken citrus cocktails as well.  Very good value.

Try with:  A little ice or on its own to experience Highclere Castle Gin’s delicate flavors before mixing it in just about any gin cocktail you like – this is a truly versatile London Dry gin.  We recommend a classic Dry Martini.

Cocktail pairings:

G&T / Highball variations: 4/5

Martini variations: 4/5

Shaken cocktails: 4/5

Negroni variations: 4/5


Gin Review: 4/5

Similar gins:  Bombay Dry; Cotswolds; Still Austin; Drebbel 

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16 Responses

  1. Hands down this is the best gin I have ever had! I have cleared my shelf and will not allow any others on it…If you haven't tasted Highclere Castle Gin you are missing life!

  2. Highclere Castle Gin is truly head and shoulders the best Gin on the market.
    With it's amazing aromatic flavor profile and distinct versatility in classic cocktails or simply on the rocks, Highclere is in a league of their own versus competitive Gins hands down.

  3. The best gin on the market! I was not a gin drinker until I met this gin! Citrus forward and not piney at all. A gin you can actually drink on the rocks. Go get yourself a bottle or 2!

  4. What a wonderful experience! From the beautiful bottle to the delicious liquid inside, this was the first time I actually enjoyed gin. Amazing citrus notes and a silky finish. All the flavor you would want and no bite! This will be a staple in my bar from now on! Well done to the Highclere team for creating such an amazing spirit

  5. Highclere Castle Gin is one of the absolute most approachable gins in the market. The balance of floral and citrus notes mingle quite nicely with a touch of spice and a well integrated essence of juniper. The inclusion of oat in the botanical blend has allowed this gin to offer a one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and truly bonds all 10 of the botanicals to create an exquisite spirit. Emphatically recommend!

  6. I absolutely love this gin! Makes a phenomenal cocktail or simply on the rocks. The botanicals are actually grown on the castles estate. I feel like royalty when I drink this gin.

  7. I can't think of another gin that is as versatile and inviting than Highclere! The oat wash finish makes this gin one of the most unique options on the market.

  8. Hands down game changer in the Gin category! This citrus forward creamy gin is by far the most approachable gin I have had in a very long time. With simple ingredients and a pure distillation process, the flavors explode in your mouth! This will be a forever staple on my bar

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