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Hanami Gin

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Hanami Dry Gin is a European meets Japanese style of gin. Born in the Netherlands, the gin adds in cherry blossom essence into the mix with its other nine botanicals. Think of it as a traditional dry gin, just with an infusion of cherry blossom, which gives it a hint of floral, although not enough to take over. The name itself refers to the Japanese tradition of getting together with family and friends to take in the bloom of cherry blossoms of spring. You don’t have to travel to enjoy these cherry blossoms though. You just need to sample the gin.

Pairs Well With

Call us crazy, but the peppery, floral and juniper notes just go perfectly with a hot dog, sausage, bratwurst, or any other kind of tube meat (paired with tangy mustard and sweet tomato or ketchup). You probably can’t order a Hanami dry gin at your local ballpark, but that makes watching the game at home so much better!

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