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Golani Gin

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Direct from the Holy Land, Golani Gin is an Israeli gin from Golani Distillery. You will find the distillery makes a number of spirits, including whisky (for which it takes the Scottish spelling), as well as gin. The Holy Land Golani Gin takes advantage of a copper pot and utilizes the flavoring of nine different botanicals. These botanicals include lavender, myrtle, black pepper, juniper, coriander, angelica root, cassia Bark, cardamom, and etrog. And in case you’re curious, etrog is a form of citrus (it looks like a shriveled lemon in ways), and is used during the Sukkot holiday. The intense citrus aroma of the citrus does help diffuse some of the stronger botanicals.

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This gin has a citrus, earthy taste to it and deserves to be sampled on its own. So enjoy a nice grilled cut of fish while sipping Holy Land Golani Gin and tonic water.

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