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Fords Gin

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Some of our favorite gins are born from a partnership. Fords Gin is one of them.

Created by 8th generation Master Distiller Charles Maxwell and gin expert Simon Ford, Fords Gin is a British gin with a global spin. A model juniper base is blended with 15 botanicals, including Spanish lemon peel, Chinese Jasmine, and bitter orange from Haiti – all sourced by the legendary botanical suppliers Joseph Flach & Sons Ltd.

These ingredients are then stepped for 15 hours, distilled for five, and then, for a final international twist, it’s cut with pure California spring water.

The fruit of this process is a well-rounded, juniper-forward medley that’s at once classic and wholly original.


Pairs Well With:

Our first go-to Fords cocktail was a Ford and tonic, but a friend suggested we use it in a gin bramble cocktail. We’re glad we took her advice, and hope you will, as well.

Regardless of your preference, Fords Gin’s international ingredients lend themselves well to a night filled with music, art, and/or ideas from around the world – something built around learning from and appreciating cultures not your own.

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