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Dry Fly Gin

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Dry Fly

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Dry Fly



Dry Fly draws its name from fly fishing – a sport that requires patience, timing, and precision. Those three elements are thick in this Washington State-based gin, and the spirit benefits from all.

With a heady welding of unique botanicals, including local mint, Fuji Apples, hops, and spunky Oregon junipers, Dry Fly offers an invigorating gin that’s fruit-forward without sacrificing gin’s essential juniper. It’s a crisp, stout, and lush drinking experience that’s versatile yet very much invokes Washington’s fecund greenery.

If you’re casting about for an approachable, smooth gin that will please many, then look no further.

Plus, as an added incentive, your purchase supports Dry Fly’s distillery school – a program that guarantees the art of gin-making remains strong for generations to come.


Pairs Well With:

Since Dry Fly is all about slowing down, we enjoy Dry Fly in a simple blend of gin and iced tea, preferably during a peaceful afternoon with friends or even solo. It’s a meditative gin and deserves a certain stillness.

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