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Drebbel Gin

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Drebbel Gin

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Drebbel Gin



Dedicated to a brilliant Dutch engineer, Cornelis Drebbel, who invented the first submarine and various other creations, Drebbel’s London Dry Gin is an impressive achievement. 

Balancing traditional juniper-forward expressions with a nuanced and interesting blend of spices, citrus, and cream notes, this versatile gin can shine in a variety of cocktails and can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.  A fresh pine opening turns to spicy ginger and nutty flavors, brightened with citrus oil and coriander, before a soft and creamy finish.  Eight botanicals sourced from around the world – including juniper berries, angelica, orris, ginger root, coriander, licorice, fresh whole lemons, and vanilla beans – are carefully selected and distilled using traditional Dutch methods with neutral grain spirit (coming in at 80 proof). 

This is a satisfying London Dry gin that is both potent and delicate, with the botanicals impressively showcased when the gin is enjoyed in stirred cocktails (Martini, Negroni).  You won’t be disappointed using this gin in your cocktail of choice.  Very good value.

Try with:  

Stirred drinks that incorporate Italian or sweet vermouth, in particular, and look out for milk chocolate and vanilla expressions that come out in that Negroni.

Cocktail pairings:

G&T / Highball variations: 3.5/5

Martini variations: 4/5

Shaken cocktails: 3/5

Negroni variations: 4/5


Gin Review: 4/5

Similar gins:  The Naturalist; Pelter; Plymouth 

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