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Bosford Gin

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Bosford London Gin is owned by the world-known Bacardi. this has helped the Italian gin maker gain traction in new markets, thanks to Bacardi’s extensive distribution network. Bosford uses grapes as the main spirit, which is important to note if you’re looking for a gluten-free gin. Every gin by Bosford (including the London Dry, Extra Dry, and Rose, are gluten-free). Juniper is absolutely present in this gin, as are the classic staples of coriander and you may be able to taste the lemon peel, although the botanicals in this gin are sourced locally in the Italian countryside, so if you look closely you might find some subtle differences from an English-made London Dry.

Pairs Well With

Consider pouring yourself a gin and tonic, kicking back in an unverstuffed chair, and bring with you some salty snacks and cheese. The dry, juniper strong taste of Bosford pairs well with your favorite salty goodies, and a twist of lime is the ribbon on top.

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