40 St Paul's

When looking for a gin bar, 40 St Paul’s is the kind of joint you want. It’s both unassuming and yet the extremely knowledgeable staff makes it an exceptional destination for any gin lover out there.

Located in Birmingham, this UK gin bar focuses almost exclusively on gin. By dedicating itself to the spirit of gin it has received a number of awards, including the UK Gin Bar of the Year by Imbibe Magazine (2017) and Gin Magazine (2018), but it also received the honor of the World Gin Bar of the Year by Gin Magazine in 2019. In order to receive these kinds of awards, a location needs both a wide range of gins spanning the globe and a staff that can help direct you to the perfect spirit.

With 140 gins in the bar’s normal range and an additional 30 gins in what it calls its “Rare & Exclusive” range, there is a gin that will fit the kind of botanical palette you’re interested in. However, it is a small joint with just 24 seats. This is designed to maximize the experience of everyone inside. After all, gin-drinking is an experience that shouldn’t be rushed.

It also means that, if you’re looking for a weekend cocktail, to make reservations ahead of time for this gin bar in Birmingham.

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