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Perfume Trees Gin is the unique bleed of creation and distillation. The gin itself is created in Hong Kong, yet it is distilled and bottled in the Netherlands. The gin itself is very much a Hong Kong product. The head distillers wanted to produce a spirit with a unique flavour palette that reflects the way of life in Hong Kong. To do this, Perfume Trees Gin relies on a strong herbal taste to it, with a number of clean, fresh notes that linger on the palette. it does eventually blend down into a juniper taste, mixed with some savoury notes.

The gin, while dreamed up in Hong Kong, is distilled in the Netherlands. This is designed to take advantage of the natural spring water and distillation options available in the Netherlands. That is why, when inspecting the gin, you will find it is distilled in the Netherlands, yet is hailed as a “craft gin of Hong Kong.”

The gin is considered a contemporary style of gin, where it does not have the elevated alcohol levels of a naval strength gin, nor does it have as strong of a juniper taste as a London Dry Gin. Instead, this gin is designed for those who like juniper, but who also want to branch out into the wide world of botanicals.

Excellent For

Clean cocktails when you want the gin to take centre stage, yet you want something more from your gin. You want a unique taste that isn’t like the others out there. Perfume Trees Gin is perfect for a gin and tonic, where the tonic water really helps the herbal and savoury tastes come alive.

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804, Siu Wai Industrial Centre, Wing Hong St, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong,804, Siu Wai Industrial Centre, Wing Hong St, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
804, Siu Wai Industrial Centre, Wing Hong St, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
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Not an easy gin to find worldwide, I had a friend visiting from Hong Kong bring it over and it was definitely worth the wait. I was expecting to taste perfume tree and I can’t say I’m sure I did, still very nice gin.

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