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Koval Dry Gin

This small-batch dry gin is both kosher and organically produced, which opens the gin up to the largest possible audience. It is also a juniper lover’s dream, with a strong hint of the traditional piney taste while light notes of spicy, peppery citrus weave in a level of complexity not always found in other dry gins. There is also just a hint of wildflowers on the nose, which helps lighten the overall smelling and sipping experience.

Perfect For:

Dry gin is always a great choice for classic cocktails. The Koval Dry Gin is no exception and the spiced, citrus notes make it an excellent gin to grab for that next martini party.

Barreled Gin

Anyone who hasn’t sampled gin aged in whiskey barrels is missing out. However, there’s still time to experience the unique taste and this Koval Barreled Gin is an excellent place to start. The Barreled Gin is made with Koval’s Dry Gin, but the flavors are spun into a golden sweetness, thanks to the flavor notes offered up by both the whiskey remnants and the wood. It does cut down on the apparent pine taste, but it isn’t a bad thing. This allows a spiced butterscotch sweetness to come through. It also has a surprisingly crisp taste as well.

Perfect For

There’s nothing more elegant than a Negroni. If you’re a fan a Negroni with the Koval Barreled Gin adds an entirely new level of complexity and sophistication to the cocktail.

Cranberry Gin

Add a splash of festiveness into your next cocktail with Koval’s Cranberry Gin. The bitterness of the cranberry wonderfully offsets the pine flavor of the juniper berries, giving it that perfect level of holiday spice that simply begs you to go in for another sip. This is the kind of gin that is perfect when it can be the star of the cocktail, especially when there is a splash of carbonation involved. And don’t worry if you’re a gin purist at heart, the Cranberry Gin is still made with the same 13 signature botanicals used in the dry gin. It just has the added bitter-sweetness of cranberry.

Excellent For:

When there’s a chill in the air and the nights are long, add a bit of festiveness to your cocktail. Grab for Koval’s Cranberry Gin and mix it with a splash of sparkling water. It’s an instant classic.


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5121 North Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, Chicago, IL 60640, US
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