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A searchable, regularly updated directory of the world’s best gin brands made from the world’s best gin ingredients. Please share your thoughts on the gin brands here by joining the community and leaving a review, or by favoriting your preferred brand. And if you appreciate a gin brand we haven’t mentioned, please let us know.

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Double distilled from white grapes from the Swartland. Infused with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Cassia and Cardamom. Light Pine & Juniper taste and smell so the other spices can be ex […]
Six Dogs
Six Dogs Karoo is a delicate and balanced Gin of twelve select botanicals. Its distinguishing botanicals are grown on our farm, which intersects three different bioregions including the suc […]
Still 33
Flivver is a South African take on the classic, with flavours and botanicals that evoke emotions of comfort, joy and celebration. Fresh citrus flavours, comforting rooibos, coriander for a […]
Stretton's Gin is sweeter than your average London Dry Gin. It does use juniper and lemon peel, but the sugar cane base alcohol gives it a wine meets rum meets gin taste to it. This South A […]
Mirari Blue Gin is distilled with 16 hand selected botanicals, and naturally coloured through the infusion of handpicked Blue Pea flowers. A spiced gin with well-defined juniper notes, imme […]
Triple Three
Experience the smooth, pure taste of this carefully balanced spirit inspired by the earliest recorded gin recipes, made from juniper berries. Each distilling carefully crafted to ensure a f […]
Wilderer Fynbos Gin comes from South Africa and is made with all South African botanicals. This includes traditional juniper and a number of citrus flavors in addition to local wild dagga, […]
Woodstock Gin
A very smooth, elegant and full-bodied gin with strong juniper flavours punctuated by hints or rose geranium and wild rosemary that lead to lingering notes of buchu and citrus.
Monks is a major distiller of South African produced gin. The company doesn't just have one flavor of gin though. It likes to experiment. The Mysterium gin is its original, made with a numb […]
A Mari
A Mari Indian Ocean Gin draws its flavour from the East Coast of Africa. Inspired by the warm Indian Ocean and distilled with fragrant East African botanicals. Fragrant and gently spiced, […]

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