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The Gin Bramble is one of the newest classic gin recipes. It debuted in 1984 – the masterful creation of Dick Bradsell, the bartender at Fred’s Club in London’s West End, it debuted in 1984.

Bradsell wasn’t looking to create an instant classic. He only intended on taking basic gin sour and creating something the evoked his childhood on the Isle of Wright, where he spent hours picking blackberries straight from the bush, also known as a “bramble.”

Sweet and breezy without sacrificing gin’s signature juniper, the resulting bramble cocktail was an instant crowd-pleaser and soon found fans far beyond London’s West End, thus cementing the gin bramble, and Bradsell, in the canon of great gin cocktails.

To us, bramble cocktails harmonize well with spring and the new life that blooms therein. But regardless of season, we recommend this to anyone who wants a friendly cocktail that still features a sturdy gin flavor.

Bramble - The Perfect Classic Recipe

Prep time

icon3 Minutes




  • 25 ml (one shot) lemon juice
  • 50 ml (two shots) of Minus 33 or your favorite London Dry Gin
  • 12.5 ml (1/2 shot) Creme de Mure
  • 12.5 ml (1/2 shot) sugar syrup
  • Fresh blackberries and lemon slice
  • Crushed ice


Take the sugar syrup, your gin and the freshly squeezed lemon juice and pour them all into your shaker. Fill up the rest of the shaker with ice until it is half full. Shake the entire mixture until it all becomes as cold as the ice.

Strain the mix into your old fashioned glass along with crushed ice.

Garnish your drink with the slice of lemon and fresh blackberries.


  • calories - 255
  • carbohydrate - 28g
  • cholesterol - 0g
  • fat - 0g
  • fiber - 0g
  • protein - 0g
  • sodium - 0g


Best Gin for a Gin Bramble:

The “best” gin is always a personal preference and often changes for the occasion. Though for the fruit-forward gin bramble, we do suggest opting for a brand that accentuates the cocktail’s blackberry: one that has either a spicier, more peppery character, or something smoother and more citrusy than a traditional dry gin.

Ultimate Beverage recommends Chase GB Extra Dry London Gin or Copperworks Northwest Cask Finished Gin. And those are exquisite options, yes, though both can be a bit difficult to find at the neighborhood liquor store.

We therefore usually choose Plymouth Gin for a gin bramble. Its distribution is wider and the flavor’s agreeable for newcomers and aficionados alike.

Bramble Variations

Inspired by the gin sour, the gin bramble’s inherently a variation. That said, there are not as many variations as a gin gimlet, for example. But this variation – a Jam Bramble – is a dynamic bramble for people who enjoy a sweeter, more impactful gin bramble cocktail.

  • Jam Bramble

    Since crème de mure can be a bit elusive, this wonderful bramble variation uses blackberry jam. It will be a bit sweeter than the classic bramble recipe, making it an ideal option for after-dinner drinks or a summer day in the sun. The process of making it is the same as a classic gin bramble, but note the slight ingredient alteration: Jam Bramble Cocktail: 1.5-ounce Gin. 3/4-ounce Fresh lemon juice. 1/2-1 tablespoon of blackberry jam, depending on desired sweetness. 1/2-ounce Simple syrup. Garnish (usually a lemon wheel and blackberry).

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If you’re looking for even more cocktail inspiration, be sure to check out our cocktail section on the website for even more delicious drink ideas. Happy sipping!

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