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Simple syrup is in fact, simple, with many recipes calling for one-to-one ratio that results in an array of flavors that elevate a drink and add a kick of uniqueness to both easy and intricate recipes. Although many flavored simple syrups can be bought in most local and international liquor and groceries stores, the liquid magic can be made at home with few ingredients, numbered steps, and little to no time. So without further ado, please welcome five simple syrups to elevate your gin cocktails,

Simple Syrup:
Better known as ‘The Original’. This is the sweetener used is most cocktail recipes to add a bit of sweetness, balance a drink, or use instead of sugar as it mixes better due to not requiring prolonged dissolving.

For this recipe all that is required is one part white sugar and one part water. Combine the ingredients over a stove burned and mix until fully dissolved. Allow syrup to cool down completely before adding into a drink.


Simple Syrup

Honey Syrup:
Mostly known as the simple syrup used for the Bee’s Knees Cocktail. This syrup uses honey instead of sugar and provides a more mellow sweetness that is wholesome and warm when added to a drink. Unlike sugar, honey does not require as long of a time to dissolve and can be achieved in three ways. Heating over a stove top, heating in the microwave, or mixing in with boiling water.

In all three methods follow the ratio of half part honey and one part water. For instance, mix a 1/4 cup honey with a 1/2 cup water. Choose your method of dissolving and allow syrup to fully cool down before adding to cocktails.


Honey Simple Syrup


Lavender Syrup:
Lavender can be a strong flavor and in order to avoid overpowering the flavor of gin or other spirits in cocktails, lavender simple syrup can be used instead of lavender liqueurs or syrups that might taste artificial or overtake the flavor.

For this recipe an additional ingredient is required. You will need one part white sugar, one part water, and 1/8 part Dry lavender flower. For example, for 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water add 1 tablespoon dry lavender flower. Double, triple, and quadruple the recipe as needed. The cooking method for this syrup requires a bit more time to allow the lavender to fully seep into the syrup and provide its floral notes.

Dissolve the water and sugar with the dry lavender flower and simmer for 30 minutes. Allow to fully cool down before adding to drinks like the lavender gin and tonic and the lavender gin sour.


Lavander Simple Syrup


Brown Sugar Syrup:
You guessed it, this syrup is made of brown sugar. But not the crystal kind, the sticky, dark brown kind. We are looking for rich flavors here and we will stop at nothing but the richest. The same as regular simple syrup the ratio is one to one, but unlike the original simple syrup, this syrup comes with a dark color that alters the look of the cocktail it is added to. This is great for theme cocktails like ones for Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas drink with a holiday flavor twist.

Looking for a sweeter flavor? Feel free to add a bit of vanilla extract to enhance the flavor. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract for every 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. We must note, brown sugar syrup is a bit sweeter and has more of a caramel flavor which does not go well with every gin cocktail out there. We suggest using with caution for proper flavor combinations, preferably in cocktails that are more on the sweet and bitter side rather than citrusy.


Brown Sugar Simple Syrup


Strawberry Syrup:
For this recipe add in one part water with one part sugar and two parts strawberries. For instance, for every 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar, add 1 cup strawberries. When adding the strawberries make sure they are fully clean and ready. We suggest allowing them to sit in a salt water bath for 15-20 minutes and rinsing them thoroughly before halving them and adding them to the pot. Simmer for 20 mins and strain through a fine mesh strainer before using. Frozen strawberries can be used instead for a quicker process.

Unless you are looking for a cloudy syrup, avoid smashing the strawberries when straining as that can alter your cocktail’s consistency. Don’t be alarmed, these strawberries are not going to waste. Use them to garnish the cocktail, added them to pancakes, oats, or enjoy as a snack. You can add a little kick and reduce a bit of the sweetness by adding a splash of lemon juice to the syrup as well, but that like everything else here, is purely optional.


Strawberry Simple Syrup


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