6 Fall Gin Brands to Sip On

One can argue that different seasons bring with them different moods and activities. We argue that they also bring with them different flavors. Now that Fall is finally upon us, let us all enjoy the warm flavors of Vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Plus the fresh flavors of berries, apples, and pears.

It would be a shame if gin didn’t fit the season as well, and thankfully a few distilleries decided to take it upon themselves to create spirits filled with flavors of Autumn. Who knows, maybe a pumpkin spice gin is on its way. But for now, here are six gin brands to sip on this fall.

Gin Rummy

Hailed from Alberta, Canada, the seasonally-spiced gin is flavored with notes of Autumn and Winter bursting out as fruitcake in a bottle. Enjoyed hot or cold, the brand set out to create a flavor that is unique with the combination of traditional distilling of juniper gins and navy rums. The result, a barrel-aged, artisan spirit that is spice-forward and flavor-filled.

Apple Crumble Gin

The award winning gin offers a unique tastes of Autumn in a bottle with a rich mixture of botanicals that all come together to create a taste of pastry in every sip. The spirit can be enjoyed both cold and warm, forever changing the way we view and think about gin. If you are in the UK you are in luck. Unfortunately the only down side is that at the moment the brand does not ship directly to countries outside the UK.

Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin

Hailing all the way from Philadelphia, this barreled-finish gin spends a minimum of 12 months inside 18th century, American white-oak barrels to provide its uniquely warm and complex flavor. The result, a taste that is soft and round with hints of sweetness perfect for the Fall months. Suggestion directly from the manufacturer, use in cocktails as a replacement of whiskey, opening up the floor to new found gin cocktails.

Warner’s Apple & Pear Gin

Coming to life from an orchard in England, comes a gin utilizing real apples and pears. With hand-picked ingredients that make up the flavor palette, Warner’s distillery is providing a tastes of Autumn in a glass. Although it might be enjoyed as a summer flavor, we think that the flavors of apples and pears are in fact more of a warm fall flavor, and for that it has made our list.

Foundation Gin

New to the gin game, the spirit was born in 2018 with the collaboration of Chef Tom Lents from the Foundation Hotel looking to create an artisan gin sourced exclusively from a Michigan farm and set to be used for a single dinner. However, the flavor and smoothness made wave, and since all were in favor, a new brand was created, utilizing both farm and year round available ingredients.

Rose Rock Gin Autumn Edition

Seasonally available, the Gin brand’s Autumn edition is distilled using locally grown botanicals in their own geodome. The brand mixes in berries to create a fall sweet yet earthy spirit bursting with flavors, in addition to the traditional botanicals used in their signature Rock Rose gin.

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